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The Giftionizer – The Best Way To Organize Your Gift Giving

A Gift Planner, Stationery and Greeting Card Organizer,
All in One!

Created by Robyn Freedman Spizman and Amy Bergin

The Giftionizer is the first all inclusive portable gift planner, stationery and greeting card organizer. While there are greeting card holders and other storage systems; this is the premier system for greeting cards, stationery, stamps, etc. while also giving you creative suggestions for what to say when. A perfect item for new brides, new Moms, anyone who enjoys the fine art of creative gift giving and correspondence.

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This new system was specially designed to help make gift and card giving:

  • More creative and less stressful
  • Timelier and less time consuming
  • Portable and enjoyable on the go…

Product Features

  • Booklet featuring 4 sections:
  1. Gift Profiles – 16 entries for recording personal gift giving information – i.e. sizes, favorites, memorable gifts
  2. Month by Month Card Organizer – 1 pocket per month to store cards for the month
  3. All Occasion Card Organizer – 12 pocket to store all occasion cards
  4. Addresses/ Sources – 60 VIP address entries, 6 gift and business card sleeves, 4 pockets for stamps, stickers and miscellaneous accessories
  5. Durable covers and inside laminated pockets with coordinating plastic spiral bind
  6. 8.5 X 9 – to expand to hold contents
  7. 2 List Pads (refills available)
  8. Gift Giving List – tracking gifts to give, when purchased
  9. 9 X 4.5 16 page spiral top wire bound color list pad with cardboard backing
  10. Gift Tracker – tracking gifts received and thank you notes sent
  11. 9 X 6.25 20 page tear off full-color list pad with cardboard backing
  12. Sturdy clear heavy duty plastic zippered bag with carrying handles
    10 X 9.5 X 4.75

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Creative information and tips from America’s leading gift giving expert Robyn Freedman Spizman such as:

  • The Perfect Present Rules
  • Gift Messages and Ideas for adding Pizzazz to gifts
  • Birthstones and traditional anniversary gifts
  • What to Say and How to Sign Your Card for occasions such as such as
  • Thank you, Sympathy, Get Well and New baby
  • Never Miss Another Gift Giving Occasion!

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