If you are thinking of a way of making your website more secure and more trusted, then this Godaddy SSL Certificates review would shed more light on what is on offer as I share my experience with this provider. SSL (secure-socket layer) certificates are used by various websites to add an extra layer of  protection and confidentiality which usually comes in the form of encrypted forms of communication between a customer and the website. It is worthy of mention that the use of SSL certificate is fast becoming more and more important for some obvious reasons: not only does it ensure the safety of your website’s visitors, but it has been revealed as one of the factors considered in Search Engine Rankings.

You should consider adding an SSL certificate to reassure visitors to your website because it is a signal that assures your audience with these unseen words: “relax, your details are in safe hands”; gone are the days when you only have to be handling online transactions on your website to be able to find the need for SSL certificates.

Godaddy is one of the SSL certificate authorities that is also involved in the sale of domain names, web hosting among other web services. It is a reputable company that has offered great services for many years. They offer a wide variety of reliable and easy to use SSL certificates. Some of those available include the Standard UC certificate and the standard SSL wildcard among others.

Godaddy SSL Certificate Reviews

There are a number of companies that offer SSL certificates and as such, this Godaddy SSL Certificate review is provided to help you make a sound decision on these services.

GoDaddy SSL Certificates are a simple and (as usual with most Godaddy products and services) very cost-effective way of protecting user's confidential information like credit card numbers, passwords and login details that are submitted to your website. With this, your customers will buy with confidence when they know that whatever information they submit on any of your website's secure page is protected and this is in addition to the fact that adding an SSL (HTTPS) to your website has been proven to help increase your search engine rankings on Google.

Godaddy SSL Certificate Review – Plan Features

All of Godaddy SSL certificate plans on offer have all the features listed below and are backed by a team of dedicated security personnel who monitor and look after the security of your website 24/7

  • Privacy of payments & customer data
  • All major browser cross-compatibility
  • Rapid site security
  • Supports strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption
  • Up to $1,000,000 in liability protection offered
  • One certificate covers unlimited servers
  • 24/7 free award-winning customer support
  • Simple one-click installation for GoDaddy hosted accounts
  • Increase in search engine rankings (Google gives higher rankings to sites secured with SSL)

Certificates provided buy Godaddy contains a number of features and characteristics that will make you attracted to it which you would not find elsewhere such as:


Godaddy SSL Certificate Reviews and Testimonials

A number of Godaddy SSL customers have also shared their thoughts regarding using SSL certificates from Godaddy some of which are highlighted below:

Customer Support: When it comes to the provision of great support and value, Godaddy as a company comprises of an impressive group of people to work with who offer excellent services. They are patient, knowledgeable, pleasant and willing to wait with you until the job is completed. 

Availability of an easy interface: The easy interface makes it possible to do everything by yourself. This is made easy by a website that is simple to navigate. Although it is a bit confusing to work with in the beginning, it is easy enough after you have been able to figure it out. 

Ultra Fast issuance speed: There is a very minimal time between ordering for a Godaddy SSL certificate and when you are able to start using the relevant operations which is usually immediately in most cases but in general, it takes less than an hour. As such, the certificates are provided immediately after the domain has been verified. 

Easy and simple steps to work with: You can complete most of the steps on your own after the certificate has been provided. This you can do by including a small domain file to host the SSL file on your web hosting server.

Great value offered out of what you get: With Godaddy SSL Certificate, you can be rest assured that you would get what you are looking for. Another thing to take note of is that you can chose to protect Protect One Website, multiple or all websites and the services becomes frastically cheaper if you chose to protect multiple or all websites.

Why you should choose Godaddy SSL Certificate

From my experience, it is very clear that the Godaddy SSL Certificate is indeed one of the best in the market. The company makes a lot of efforts to ensure that they provide high quality services that meet the needs of their customers. 

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