Gone are the days when international calls were costly. With technological advances in telecommunication, the situation is very different today. Companies such as Rebtel (read the review below) have made international calls less costly and using Rebtel voucher code only makes it even cheaper as it enables you to purchase call minutes at a discount or get free minutes added to your order.

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How to Use Rebtel Voucher Code

Once you click on the link for the corresponding level of saving you want, you will be automatically taken to the Rebtel’s website on a new page while the coupon code will be revealed on this page. It is usually a set of letters and numbers. Copy this code and enter it during checkout and click the Apply button; just before you make payment. The usual authentication process will occur and you will see the discount applied on your order.

In some cases, there may not be a code but there will be an activation link and once you click on the link from this page, the discount will be applied automatically.

Recommendations for Using Rebtel Voucher Code

There are several reasons why you should use Rebtel coupon code. It saves you money compared to buying the usual minutes or credit without the promo code. Besides, save more as a new user because Rebtel welcomes you with at least 10 free minutes. Take advantage of them and enjoy free international calls.

Calls are instant when you have the Rebtel app. Download it on your Android phone or iPhone as it is more convenient.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Rebtel

Rebtel, as the name suggests, is a rebel in its own right. It shook the telecommunications industry when it launched its unlimited international call service for as low as $1 a month. And it doesn’t even require Wifi or data!

Rebtel affectionately calls its users Rebels. Kind of gives us a clue on their world domination plans. In this day and age when the world has become so integrated and closely connected, it’s about time that someone stands up to those absurdly exorbitant international call charges and make it affordable for everyone to reach their loved ones. And we are glad that Rebtel has made that move.

After all, it sounds almost too good to be true. So we did a mini investigation and these are probably the 7 things you didn’t know about Rebtel.

1. Rebtel hijacks your call

Yup, you read that right. But don’t get me wrong, they don’t tap into your phone! Rebtel reroutes your international phone line to a local landline so that you’ll only be charged for local rates. Crazy international call charges are now a thing of the past courtesy of Rebtel!

Remember how we had to waste minutes on bad quality calls that don’t quite get through? The first 5 minutes could just be “Hello, can you hear me?” and we’re getting charged for that. But now because of the transfer to a local landline, Rebtel is able to provide high-quality phone calls even if you’re on the other side of the globe without the need for a Wi-fi or data. Subscription (rates depend on where you’re calling) and you can call as many times as you like. Just a small fee is charged which you can choose to pay as you go or pay monthly.

2. Rebtel started more than a decade ago

The Swedish company started way back in 2006, has 20 million users to date and a huge social media following.

3. Rebtel is available in over 50 countries

Rebtel currently covers 52 countries, with more countries added to its list incrementally. Unless you’re living in Greenland or something, you’ll probably be able to enjoy the low monthly subscription. Check if your country is included in the list of Rebtel countries.

4. You can still reach non-Rebtel countries for a really low price

Outside the 52 countries, you can still reach your loved ones for much lower call rates. Even Antarctica (yes, we’ve checked) can be reached. You can purchase World Credits for a number of minutes you might use, with differing charges for each country. The quality of the calls remains as good as the local landline delivers. For the skeptics, they’re giving 3 minutes of free call to test it out.

5. You can make group calls too

The newly added feature allows you to make group calls. This would be great for connecting with friends and family abroad over the holidays or special occasions. No longer do you have to pass the phone around or scream into the phone on speaker.

6. You can top up prepaid phones of your loved ones abroad

Rebtel recently launched the new app called Sendly, which lets you top up the prepaid phones of anyone abroad. This makes perfect sense since many of those who work abroad may sometimes have the need to send airtime back to their families. This app would save you the hassles.

It’s really easy to use too. You can get it done in 3 simple steps and the transfer takes just a few seconds to get through, saving so much time in the long run.

7. Rebtel offers one-week free trial

For any country that Rebtel is available in, you can try one week of unlimited free calls before actually paying for your subscription. You have to sign up for the first month but it would only start charging after your one-week free trial. So essentially, your first month's subscription consists of 1 month + 1 week of unlimited calls. I have to say, it takes a company that’s really confident in their products to give such a sweet deal.

Rebtel Review

Rebtel is an international calling company that allows users to make low-cost or free telephone calls overseas using either smartphones or landlines. It was founded in 2006 by Hjalmar Winbladh and developed for IOS by 2009. It is currently supported on Android, IOS, Blackberry and Microsoft operating systems. Compared to the traditional carriers, you can save up to 95 percent of your money using Rebtel. Note that internet connection or software installation is not required when using Rebtel.

Rebtel CouponHow Rebtel Works

Rebtel works similar to the international calling cards of the past, but in a more efficient way. Moreover, no monthly rates are required for using Rebtel. Below is a simple four-step guide on how to take advantage of Rebtel's low-cost calling:

  1. Click here to sign up online with your mobile phone number (Landlines are also supported)
  2. Import your international contacts to their system
  3. You are provided with a unique local phone number for the international contacts
  4. You can now make a call to the International contact using local rates

Rebtel also sends you your local phone number via text or Email, so that you do not lose it. For land-line users, Email is perfect for receiving the contact number and you can also send international text messages to your contacts.

You can also use their free call system. To do this, simply import the intended contact to Rebtel, they will then provide you with a local number from which you will call your contact with. Place the call and ask the individual at the end of the line to hang-up. They can then call you back using your local number. It is now considered a free call as it has been transformed to a local call. This service is, however, available to fifty countries only.

Rebtel Cheap Rates

Rebtel's services are available to 222 countries all over the world. You can use a mobile phone to make a call to a land-line as it is not restricted. The rates set by Rebtel are very well revised. The charges vary depending on the geographical location of the origin and the destination of the call.

There is also a collect call feature. When you enable this feature, the individual calling your local number does not get charged since it is taken as a local call. Instead, Rebtel charges you for the call with their pocket-friendly rates.

You can get rewards you for inviting new users. The ‘Tell a Friend' feature rewards you with free calls for each person you ask to use Rebtel.

The Technology in Rebtel

Over the years, Rebtel has been updating their services to suit user preferences. Their website also supports three other languages apart from English. You can navigate through the website in Polish, French or Spanish.

Rebtel's website has a section where news and blog posts concerning their services appear. They also advise you on ways to save more money when using their services. The good thing is that they have mobile phone apps for IOS, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft. When you download the app, Rebtel gives you several free minutes to test the various services that they offer.

The applications have a modern look with a great graphical interface. You can keep track of all your calls among other activities easily using the Rebtel app. You can also store and manage contacts in a simplified way.

Why Use Rebtel

Rebtel's international calling service stands strong among the rest. The main advantage being that no internet connection is needed, meaning that a user can place a call from anywhere without worrying about access to Wi-Fi. The mobile phone applications and international text message service are incredible secondary features.

The quality of the phone calls is significantly clear with minimum distortion. It is like calling someone standing ten meters away even if the call is from Chile to the UK. And their free call service, Even though it is only available in 50 out of the 222 countries they service, nothing beats the thought of making free international calls; backed by an excellent customer service which is very responsive means that no questions to them will be left unanswered.

How to Make Rebtel Rebel Call