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Ever thought of a domain name for a website you were dying to launch and then found out that the domain name was already taken? Well, most people looking to own websites have. Luckily, GoDaddy Domain Auctions was established to make sure that you do not have to go back to the drawing board to come up with a new name or settle for a less fitting name for your website. GoDaddy Auctions, a service the company aptly refers to as the Domain Name Aftermarket, allows you to buy and sell currently registered domain names at a price of your choosing.

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Namecheap is a one stop solution where you can register, host, and manage domains at an affordable price! The company provides numerous web hosting and domain registration plans for small to medium-sized personal & business websites and you can get even more savings with our exclusive Namecheap promo code below:

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How to Use Namecheap Promo Code:

Namecheap offers various “Promo Codes” which you can apply while registering domains or purchasing other products and enjoy a lucrative discount on your purchase! The detailed steps on how to redeem the Namecheap Promo Codes are given below:

Step I – Click on one the links above matching the Namecheap service(s) you are interested in, this takes you to Namecheap's website and reveals the Namecheap promo code you will use to get your savings while checking out. Select Your Required Product: Search through the available domain or hosting plans. Once browsed and selected, add that product to your cart which you can do by simply clicking on the “Add to Cart” button.

Step II – Enter Domain Information: This step is applicable only if you are purchasing a hosting plan. Here, you will be prompted to enter Domain information. You can either register a new domain, transfer your existing domain, or use your existing domain.

Step III – Find the Namecheap Coupon Code: Whether you are purchasing a Namecheap domain name or you are opting for a Namecheap Hosting plan, you may be eligible to apply a coupon code and enjoy an extra discount. In this step, you are required to select and copy the matching Promo Code we provide you with from this page, then apply the code during the checkout process.

Step IV – Redeem Promo Code: Paste the Namecheap promo code, that you've copied from our website into the promo/coupon code box and apply. Next, you will notice the new discounted price! Now, proceed to checkout, complete the transaction, and purchase your product at a discounted price.

Why You Should Be Using Namecheap Coupon Code:

Namecheap offers various Coupon codes to their partners that you can apply in order to save money on your purchase. The company provides several professional services & products, such as domain name registration services, domain transfer services, web hosting packages, domain name privacy, secure SSL certificates, and much more too! Luckily, you can now enjoy a discounted price on each of their services or products by applying a valid coupon code from this page.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Namecheap

Namecheap is a renowned company that specializes in the sale of domain names but apart from the sale of domain names, the company also offers web-hosting services. Currently, the company boasts of managing more than 7 million domain names and 3 million customers. Richard Kirkendall, founded the company in the year 2000 and ever since the company has grown into a household name in the web hosting industry. With that said, here are 7 things you didn’t know about Namecheap.

User-Friendly Interface

A majority of domain providers, usually have fast and excellent search tools. Thereby, the user takes no time in finding the ideal domain name that they want. An exceedingly easy to use dashboard is one of the most attractive features for any hosting or domain provider, and that is what Namecheap offers. Namecheap has an exceedingly easy checkout process that is not only smooth but also seamless. The company uses a simple interface that is not only engaging but also highly intuitive.

Competitive Prices

Without any reasonable doubt, the price factor is undeniably one of the most important aspects that usually comes into the mind, when one is buying hosting or domain services. Namecheap is one of the companies in the hosting and domain services that offers extremely competitive rates. The company has revolutionized the domain industry by ensuring that its rates are extremely affordable, such that any person could easily purchase the value priced domains. When you are registering your domain, you can avail yourself of the Namecheap promo codes we provide on this page to get even more savings.


Irrespective as to whether you are purchasing a domain or a hosting plan, there will always be numerous unsettled queries that you will require professional guidance on. Apart from having a highly experienced support team, Namecheap offers around the clock support service. The company’s live support system is highly responsive and usually, solves the queries on time. Furthermore, the support is exceedingly easy to access. You are never going to wait more than a minute before getting a response from the support.

Marketing Tactics and Ethics

Business ethics and values are imperative aspects that domain and hosting services providers should uphold. Decisions that the company makes should not be based purely on the non-monetary and monetary benefits that the company aims to attain from the sale of a product or service. When it comes to legislations, Namecheap has not only played fair but has also fought the SOPA legislation in collaboration with Electronic Frontier Foundation. The SOPA legislation had favored certain regulations, which were going to be quite disadvantageous for numerous entrepreneurs in the hosting industry. Great entrepreneurs are those who ensure that they maintain business standards and ethics irrespective of how the business gets affected and Namecheap is a great example.


A majority of websites tend to use some irresistible tactics so as to trap their customers into more and more offers; in some cases, this tends to upset prospective customers. A majority of the large businesses have lost several clients due to upsells. Namecheck’s checkout process is not only professional but also easy and neat to understand. The company will never trick its customers into purchasing something that they are never going to use.


When purchasing a domain name, the customer usually receives a few throw-ins. There are a few throw-ins such as domain privacy and security, which are expected and there are others, which are quite valuable. Apart from offering a highly reliable and secure DNS, Namecheap’s email forwarding is 100 percent free. Furthermore, Namecheap offers the customer free customer servers together with a wide range of shared hosting services.

Dedicated Plans

Namecheap offers numerous dedicated plans. The company has 20 different dedicated servers. They range from about 58 dollars and 379 dollars per month. However, these prices do not include cPanel.


Each time you want to develop a website, there is a risk of the website being hacked. Whenever your website begins to get a decent amount of traffic, your website begins to become a bigger target. Namecheap takes security seriously and has even partnered with a company known as Sitelock to provide top-notch security for your website. The company ensures that your website is secure all times.


Apart from having an exceedingly solid resume, the shared hosting prices that Namecheap offers are customer friendly. Depending on your budget and needs, the company has a plethora of plans to choose from. Irrespective of how small or big the server that you require is, Namecheap has the capabilities to handle anything.

How to Register Your Domain Name With Namecheap

Namecheap Review

As mentioned earlier, Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited company based in Los Angeles, California which offer domain name registration and web hosting services. It was voted the most excellent domain registrar in November, 2010 Lifehacker polls and was again voted as the “Most Popular Domain Name Registrar” in September 2012 Lifehacker polls.

With Namecheap Shared Hosting Plans, you can choose between Windows and Linux. It offers four hosting plans including:

  • Value Plan
  • Professional Plan
  • Ultimate Plan
  • Business SSD Plan

Value and Professional Plans

These two Namecheap plans are similar but have a different number of the domains allowed and the amount of disk space. Value Plan is an ideal option if you only have a couple of websites to host. With this plan, resources are limited on the basis of per account. With the Professional Plan, the resources are limited on a per website basis. Therefore, buying two Value Plans would be more beneficial than upgrading to the Professional Plan, as this offers you double amount of resources.

The features of these plans include:

  • Shared Hosting costing less than the price of a domain name
  • Frequently accessed files are cached on SSD storage
  • Daily backups
  • Ticket support and live chat
  • cPanel user interface
  • A hundred percent Uptime SLA
  • One-Click installation of WordPress and other commonly preferred applications via Softaculous

The resource limits are:

  • Maximum CPU time percentage(100 percent burstable, 20 percent sustained)
  • A maximum of 20 concurrent web server requests
  • All client’s processes can use limited amount of RAM up to 4GB Virtual Memory and 1GB physical memory

Ultimate Plan

The cost of Ultimate Plan is thrice the cost of value plan. This plan allows up to 50 websites and unlimited amount of SSD-Accelerated disk space. The Ultimate Plan offers additional resources like CPU and RAM, 50 percent above the Value and Professional Plans. This could be the most appropriate option if you have a busy website and do not wish to upgrade to Cloud or VPS hosting plan.

The features of Ultimate Plan include:

  • Shared Hosting costing less than domain name
  • Daily BackUps
  • A hundred percent Uptime SLA
  • Ticket Support and Live Chat
  • One-Click Installation of WordPress and other popular applications via Softaculous
  • cPanel User Interface
  • Frequently accessed files are stored on SSD storage.

The resources of Ultimate Plan are limited to:

  • A maximum number of 30 concurrent web server requests
  • CPU time percentage of up to 200 percent Burstable, and unknown sustained
  • All client’s processes can use a limited amount of RAM up to 6GB Virtual Memory and unknown Physical Memory

Business SSD Plan

The Business SSD Plan is a powerfull Business Hosting Plan with exciting features. It is relatively expensive than other Namecheap plans, but it comes with more resources. Business SSD comes with a higher speed due to SSD Storage.

The Features of the Business SSD Plan include:

  • Priority support
  • Twice per day Backups plus Weekly Backups
  • CloudFlare Rail gun
  • eAccelerator and xCache for dynamic caching
  • PCI Compliant
  • Pure SSD storage

The resources of the Business SSD Plan are limited to:

  • A maximum of 40 concurrent web server requests
  • CPU time percentage of up to 400 percent Burstable, and unknown sustained
  • All client’s processes can use a limited amount of RAM up to 8GB Virtual Memory and unknown Physical Memory


The primary advantage of Namecheap is their pricing; it is cheap. Web hosting companies have different plans with different caps, different bonuses, and different renewal prices, but they all offer the same service; hosting your website. Determining the true value of these companies require a breakdown into core hosting and bonus features. The core hosting futures include: Domains, Databases, and Disk Space among other features

Once you break down these features, you can be able to compare and get the sense of value according to your need.

The four pricing tiers of Namecheap are:

  • Value Plan renews at $38.88 per year
  • Professional Plan renews at $78.88 per year
  • Ultimate Plan renews at 129.88 per year
  • Business Pro renews at 17.98 per month

All plans come with relatively low introduction prices with the value plan going for as low as $9.88 per year.
After signing up for a hosting plan, Namecheap provides you with a sign in credentials and you are able to log in directly to your new dashboard or navigate to a guided tutorial. They send a welcome mail which can redirect you to login. Namecheap backends are clean and there is no hard upsells or flashing banners. WordPress quick install software installs a clean version without additional themes or plugins.

Namecheap Customer Service

Many user online reviews of any company may either be exaggerated negative or naïve positive experiences. This makes it hard to judge whether a company will offer a satisfactory assistance once you contact them for help. However, there are indicators that can help you make a fair judgment. These indicators are DIY customer support investment and availability of support channels.

Namecheap have chat and helpdesk for availability. I find their chat to usually be of good service with a pretty short waiting time, though text-based support may sometimes be tedious when you have a complex issue.

For the DIY customer support, they have an intelligent knowledge base, which focuses mainly on domains.


Interserver Coupon codes are promotional codes provided by the company to further reduce the cost of their already competitive hosting services. Such that cost should never be an obstacle to finding a highly trusted and quality hosting provider. You can use these Interserver coupons when ordering a hosting plan from them so as to get a discount on your order.

Interserver Coupon Codes

Get hosting at $0.01 for the first 3 months (VPS and Cloud: $.01 per VPS Slice)

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Use this Interserver coupon code to get the first month of shared hosting for $.01.

Interserver Review

Interserver hosting services began in 1999 and their affordable rates in-line to the technology provided is really what sets them apart in the industry. With some tremendous growth over the years, Interserver now owns and operates two data centers located in Secaucus, N.J. providing services such as virtual hosting, cloud VPS, quick servers, dedicated servers, and colocation.

The company started as a virtual hosting account reseller, with an objective to focus on affordable prices while maintaining a high level of service and support.

This review focuses on Interserver hosting services. Furthermore, apart from the rapid improvement in their technology, one thing that has remained the same over the years is their mission to provide quality services at affordable rates to customers worldwide.

Table Of Content:

Interserver Hosting Services

What Sets Interserver Apart From The Rest?

Interserver Hosting Flaws


Interserver Hosting Services

Interserver currently offers a number of hosting services, which includes the Managed web hosting, Cloud VPS, Reseller hosting, Quick Servers and Dedicated servers hosting.

Managed Web Hosting

Interserver HostingThe managed web hosting services comes with a 24/7 support team, free website migration and one click installs (with over 380 scripts available). There are three plans provided under the managed web hosting services, they include:

  1. Standard Web Hosting ($5)
  2. Managed WordPress ($8), and
  3. Windows Web Hosting ($5)

Cloud VSP

Interserver HostingWith the Cloud VSP, you get two options; Linux cloud VPS (starting at $6 per month) and Windows cloud VPS (starting at $10 per month). Both plans come with a variety of options and price range. The price increases depending on your needs for CPU cores, memory, storage, and transfer caps.

Use Special Promo Code below: – To get the Interserver Managed Web Hosting or Cloud VSP at $0.01/mo (for the first month), Apply promo code that shows after you click to open when you make your purchase on

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting wherein the account owner has the ability to use his or her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. InterServer’s reseller hosting plans starts at just $19.95 per month on the RS One package.

Interserver Hosting

Quick Servers

Interserver Quick Servers are dedicated servers with a 20 minute set up time. The Quick Servers are delivered with the full resources of a dedicated server but run through KVM virtualization.

When you order a Quick Server you get access to the InterServer Management System through the portal which allows for reboots, reinstall's, and out of band console access through VNC just like the VPS's; except with the full power of a dedicated server.

Quick servers run RAID1, and all the hardware is monitored and managed by InterServer. This service comes with no long-term contracts and excellent pricing. You are in full control, as the choice to Start, stop, upgrade and downgrade are in your hands.

Dedicated Servers

When it comes to dedicated Servers, quality and affordability is the focus area. Their dedicated servers start at only $59 per month and custom Intel-based Dedicated Server configurations are available with up to 128GB Ram.

A dedicated server is completely devoted to your application's sole needs, and not shared with another customer, so you enjoy more performance and flexibility than a shared hosting solution or cloud instance.

The Dedicated Servers Operating Systems include; CentOs, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Redhat Fedora, Cloud Linux and Windows.

Dedicated Server Configuration Options

Intel Dual-Core Atom 1 GB 250 GB $39
Xeon E3-1230 16 GB 250 GB $139
2 x Six-Core E5-2620 8 GB 250 GB $310

What Sets Interserver Apart From The Rest?


Interserver uses an intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol; that allows it to route traffic to the closest backbone provider. This reduces the time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another while increasing speed.

Guaranteed Uptime

Interserver guarantees that the network will be available 99.9% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance. If Network Availability does not meet the 99.9% uptime, credits will be made available to each client on a case by case basis, not to exceed 50% of their base monthly fee.

You can hold Interserver to their word if you experience anything less than what has been stated above, though this might not happen anytime soon; as their uptime have been tested and it never falls short.

Price lock guarantee

Interserver HostingInterserver are true to their word and do not have any hidden tricks up their sleeves; unlike other hosting providers who entice new customers with low pricing for their initial term of service and then increase the rate upon renewal.

Interserver backs its hosting agreements with a clear SLA and transparent Terms of Service that clearly defines every aspect of its services. So the price you start with is exactly what you will pay for the rest of your account life, except special discounts are offered.

Interserver Hosting Flaws

It is practically impossible to find any hosting service with no flaws whatsoever and meets the needs/ expectations of every client/ potential customer. Here are a few areas and decisions made by Interserver, which could be seen as a setback to some, but might not necessarily affect others.

No trial period or money back guarantee

Interserver does not offer a trial period or money back guarantee. All billing is month to month, however, if you are ever unsatisfied with their services you can cancel anytime.

Customer Limits

Interserver only allows 100 new customers a day. As much as this might come as an advantage to existing users (as the company doesn’t overload its servers), it could be seen as a disadvantage to new users; who will have to wait another day to subscribe to their services once the daily 100 thresholds are reached.

  • Limitations in Interserver unlimited hosting

Although InterServer offers “unlimited” features in its shared hosting environments, the unlimited hosting comes with limits (“No single shared hosting account is permitted to use more that 20% of the server resources at a time. A single account is limited to 250,000 nodes at any given time. Clients on the Unlimited SSD shared hosting platform using more than 1GB of space will be moved to SATA” as provided in its Term Of Services).

VPS Hosting Technicalities

Setting up VPS hosting on Interserver is more complicated than expected. Beginners might find it a little difficult and time consuming.


Interserver HostingIn conclusion, the technology, performance and customer service by Interserver is great. They go over and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied and they are very transparent. I recommend Interserver to anyone looking for an effective and efficient web hosting service.


LiquidWeb is a hosting company that was started in 1997 and has grown to be one of the best in the industry. With three wholly owned data centers in Lansing, and a fourth location in Scottsdale, AZ, it has a physical presence and servers that are larger than other bigger competitors with outstanding customer support. Use the buttons below to find the best Liquidweb coupon code for your need. These coupons are regularly updated and guaranteed maximum savings.

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How To Use Liquidweb Coupon Code

The process of how you can exploit the useful benefits of Liquidweb Promo code is easy. First, the codes are important because they do lower the price of whatever you are buying online. This can also have accumulative benefits over time in some cases, since it will mean the more frequent purchases you makes, the more savings they can get. So how do you use the Liquidweb promo codes?

Once you have the coupon code, you can input it on the Liquidweb's website when you are checking out. There is usually a place on the website that has a submit option for the coupons, so you should take your time to go through the website carefully. In this case, you may find a link that asks if you have a promo code. You can then input the code we have provided you with from above. Ensure that the code you are using matches the specific service\product that you are interested in as these codes are for specific deals after all.

After finishing the relevant inputting of details for completing the transaction, and being taken to the checkout area, the amount should be shown plus the subtraction of the discount that the code provides. It is crucial to go through these details carefully to make sure the code is working, and the subtraction has been done. Under all circumstances really, it is usually 1 promo coupon per every purchase as you can't combine more than one coupon code at any given time, so if you want multiple discounts then logically they have to make more purchases. But in the long run, the discounts will make sure that you always gets something back and keeps the costs as low as possible.

Recommendations For Using Liquidweb Coupon Code

You can use the Liquidweb code coupon to slash the prices for a wide variety of services, some of which include Cloud Hosting, Word press Hosting Plan, discount savings on first 3-month subscription, etc. Liquidweb is always pushing forward all kinds of coupon deals so that shoppers can maximize on them and use the quality services\products that are being sold. Maybe the discount coupons will not be for all the products, but you should always be checking this page to find these coupons.

Liquidweb Promo code gives shoppers a great chance to cut costs while maximizing the bargaining power they have when it comes to domain and web hosting deals.

LiquidWeb Review

Liquidweb may appear to be tilted towards corporate bodies and large enterprise, it is as well used by individuals wanting more than can be gotten anywhere else.

Liquid Web received the INC.5000 Fastest Growing Companies award in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Who Should Use?

Liquid Web is a perfect match for web hosting needs big or small, managed or unmanaged wordpress, dedicated, shared vps or cloud. If you are looking for a Linux- or Windows-based servers that delivers excellent VPS or dedicated hosting plans, then Liquid Web should be your partner of choice. If you are interested in a hosting service that can provide high end specs with prorated VPS plans that is flexible and feature-packed with outstanding customer service, then Liquid Web should be your partner of choice.

Some of the world's largest brands like Motorola, GM, National Geographic, Audi, Toshiba, ESPN, FedEx, MTV, Zappos and several other large business enterprises trust and use Liquid Web because it's powerful and robust. It is a clear choice for enterprise-level Web hosting, don't take our word for it, you can see things for yourself here. While it may not have cheap shared hosting packages, however the company's outstanding dedicated and VPS hosting are enough to place it among the Web hosting upper class Creme de la Creme.



LiquidWeb Products

Dedicated Web Hosting Packages


If you're looking to build your website on the strongest possible infrastructure, Liquid Web offers dedicated hosting packages which provide both basic and extended configuration with both single and dual processor packages.

The least you can get on the dedicated packages are 4 CPU cores, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD primary drive, 1 TB SATA secondary drive, and 5 TB outbound bandwidth. The maximum is 28 cores, 64 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD primary drive, 2 TB SATA secondary drive, and 10 TB outbound bandwidth.

All dedicated servers start with a base configuration that includes 5TB of data transfers per month with unlimited domains and unlimited email. Also included with every dedicated server is Cloudflare CDN, built in backups, enhanced security, and DDoS attack protection. The main differences being in the CPU cores, clock speeds and when you start configuring things, for instance you can configure your server with a huge 512GB of RAM and 6TB of Hard drive which of course comes with a price

You are open to choose between the self-managed, core managed service, and fully managed plans that come with the various dedicated plans.

From my review and other comparisons, it is obvious that when it comes to dedicated web hosting packages people place HostGator and LiquidWeb. The truth, however, is that while Hostgator gives it cheaper, LiquidWeb gives it better.

>> More details

Storm Cloud Servers

storm_server_liquidwebLiquid Web Storm Servers are the next generation of server hosting that provides the power of dedicated server hosting with the flexibility of cloud hosting. Storm Dedicated Servers have all the functionality of cloud servers, but are run on hardware specifically dedicated to your infrastructure. There is also Storm VPS Cloud Servers, which are customizable servers of several different sizes and configurations in a shared cloud environment.

Liquid Web platform doesn’t only go ahead of the traditional, it also goes better than others including FastComet, Amazon Web Services, and Hostwinds. Just as their cloud services is exceptionally great, this great service also comes at a price

It gets interesting that it is extremely flexible, you can move based on your traffic. If in a month your traffic goes up, you can easily pay and get a better server, and when it drops you can pay less, it's that simple

>> More Details

VPS hosting

vpsLiquid Web virtual private server (VPS) package is provided for both Linux and Windows. As it is with dedicated servers and cloud servers, the VPS provides a wide range of features that you can choose from and customize your site according to your needs.

The least features are 1 core processor, 50 GB SSD disk space, and 5 TB transfer. Another thing it comes with is unlimited domains and email.

If you are looking for a server with significant power, but without the high dedicated-server pricetag that goes with it, then you'll want to check out Liquid Web's virtual private servers. They only charge you for the number of days you use the service per month

Inmotion Hosting provides good VPS that is cheaper, but after looking at both, I can’t help but still go with Liquid Web. This is because while you are billed on daily basis, which means you get charged for what you use, you get to have free Storm Firewall and real-time monitoring for your server as well. From its various packages, one can easily upgrade or downgrade.

WordPress Account


LiquidWeb provides an efficient WordPress management. While it is designed to easily install WordPress and its features as well as to have plugins updated with ease. It gets interesting that CMS comes preinstalled, hence you wouldn’t need to have it installed anyway.

Its managed WordPress gives one access to so many applications and plugins from its library. Also, it enables for fast load speed, free migrations, content delivery networks, WP-CLI, and WordPress multi-site among other things.

Unlike most other hosting companies, Liquidweb does not limit the number of visitors to your WordPress site. Also, it allows for you to have as much WordPress sites as possible.

For third party applications, they provide support and troubleshooting where necessary.

The WordPress back-end contains a number of templates you can install on your site to give it an attractive look and feel or extra functionality. You are also free to use any theme you've purchased elsewhere.

Get 33% off Managed WordPress Account

No Shared Web Hosting

Liquid Web no longer provides shared Web hosting (which is generally the most economical option for hosting, as the overall cost of server maintenance is amortized over many customers), if you are interested in shared hosting, you must look elsewhere. I recommend iPage (starting at $3.25 per month, with a special intro price of $1.99).


liquidweb_pricingLiquidWeb charges more, but it is important that you understand that it provides higher quality services in almost every way, to other web hosting companies. While it does not seek to compete for prices with others, it strives not to allow others compete for the best service delivery it offers.

Service                                               Price Range (Monthly)

VPS Hosting                                       $50 to $219.

Dedicated Servers                              $199 to $899

Cloud hosting:                                    $159 to $1699


Because of their broad-chest technology and rapid problem response, Liquid Web is exceptionally reliable. In cases of data loss, they provide a backup system that can have you fully covered. Their Guardian Backup services are handy in such cases.

For close to 20 years, LiquidWeb has been in business, which automatically translates to a great wealth of experience and understanding. This is one of the most important things that add to the technical support it has to offer. This wide know-how is complemented by the abundance of over 400 support personnel on ground.


LiquidWeb Hero Support

LiquidWeb Hero Support

Their support definitely comes second to none. It is probably the best display they have.

The company offers a “Heroic Support” when you seek for assistance. In fact, it places upon itself a guaranteed time to respond to issues. For its toll-free call and live chat, there is a 59-seconds guaranteed wait time within which one would be connected. For helpdesk, however, there is a guarantee of 30 minutes to get a response.

I have had a personal experience with them and from what I got, you can hardly get better support anywhere else. They are right on time, technically broad, and professional.

When it comes to uptime, they offer 100%, and for any downtime, they make a 10 times compensation.


More than anything, internet business is security. That is one thing that is almost all the way guaranteed by LiquidWeb. They have different addons for all their products to boost security.

Their security services cover PCI compliance, Firewalls, a secure and efficient VPN, SSSL Certificates, and Nexus scanning for vulnerability.

While it offers some of its security services for free, some addons would need to be purchased.

If by any chance your site falls prey to any attack or is damaged, there is a nightly backup the company carries out to help.

Ease of Use and Speed

User friendly

1&1 definitely remains one hard to beat when it comes to user friendliness. However, you cannot throw LiquidWeb out of the window.

They have a cPanel that is quite easy to understand, and with ease of navigation. The only pain with them in regards to friendliness is as well their strength. It has to do with so many things they offer, which may get one lost, trying to figure which is better, and which is which.

They're ever ready to assist, is the compensation it has since you can easily ask for specific things.

Server speed

liquidweb_speedLiquidweb enjoys above the decent level of server speed. Their SSD Speed is as fantastic as it can get. Coupled with their reliability, their lightning-fast page load speed places them somewhere at the top level.


If what you want is to run your site on a shared account, then LiquidWeb may not the one for you, as it no longer offers shared accounts. However, you can as well try iPage Hosting or Hostgator.

Another thing is that in monetary terms, LiquidWeb can be expensive. When one looks at the value, however, and the services offered, what you will receive is worth whatever you spend.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, if a good web-hosting company that can run with you all the mile is what you want, then Liquid Web is the way to go.

customer_loyaltyHaving looked at other web hosting companies through the eyes of the lens, I can confidently say the base of a good site, if that is what you want, is definitely Liquidweb.

Visit LiquidWeb Hosting Website


There are so many hosting companies out there but not many of them try to deliver the best services to ensure their customers’ satisfaction. Having used over 19 reputable hosting companies in my 14 years of “online career”, InMotion hosting is the one I keep going back to and since I have used them for an appreciable length of time, I am in a very good position to give an honest review of this hosting company. Therefore, I have put together a detailed look at everything about the services of this company which you will find outlined below. 

inMotion Hosting Review 2014 1

InMotion Hosting Review – Customer Service

If you are wondering why start with customer service review of InMotion hosting, it important to note that customer service is such an important aspect of hosting companies as the service you receive will end up shaping your experience. Efficient customer service is what would help you get problems sorted or get a refund in-case you don't end up liking the services offered. Most hosting companies often overlook this very important aspect of service and when the time comes when their customers really need customer support, many of their customers get disappointed. As much as a hosting company delivers great hosting performance, a simple disregard for customers service will definitely fail their customers in a great way, creating a very negative rapport.

What has InMotion Hosting company done differently with customer service? they have ensured that customer service is the centre of all its operations. The company has in no doubt invested a lot in providing the best customer support through phone,  email, live chat (what is often missing in a lot of other hosting companies) and a very efficient ticket system. In addition, InMotion Hosting also has extensive materials to provide their customers with useful information about their services along with very detailed video tutorials.

Generally, there is support staff available 24/7 regardless of where you are making contact from. Their chat support is very efficient thanks to the people behind the chat responding to questions promptly. Unlike other chat supports where you get this feeling of them serving multiple people at the same time, with InMotion you get these very fast responses that assure that the chat support person is very attentive and eagerly waiting to respond to you only.

The support staff also follow up on their concerned customer to make sure that the issues they had have really been resolved and overall, you are left with a general sense of satisfaction; customer care cannot really get better than that.

Hosting Performance

After great customer support, high quality hosting performance is the backbone of running an efficient web hosting service. InMotion hosting has efficiently and securely stored all the files of its clients and has served them up in the shortest time possible to every single site visitor whenever required. It actually offers the real 99.9% uptime as claimed on the main InMotion Hosting website.

If you are looking for a hosting company that provides hosting services with very fast server response time, you should indeed try InMotion hosting bearing in mind the benefits of ensuring that your website loads fast which includes, improved user experience, visitors staying longer on site and increased search engine rankings. So in terms of hosting performance, InMotion hosting for sure has a reputation that is difficult to match. You can join InMotion's Super fast hosting via this link


InMotion has a very flexible setup for their clients, who have the option of customizing and setting up exactly the way they want. Clients including first-time users have found their backend to be less daunting and with the video tutorials available with the instructions for setting up which are otherwise very easy and comprehensive.

The Hosting Panel

Using the cPanel as the backend is usually a very convenient solution for those who want to avoid getting stuck since it is usually basic in a good way. After getting used to the cPanel, it further offers, the exact flexibility that you need as a business and it actually can be tailored to your requirements, which is a great thing.

The Guarantees

InMotion Hosting has an impressive 90-day money back guarantee which gives you back a full refund if you don't get to like their services. This is a sign that InMotion is confident of its services which is why it offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not impressed by the level of services you are receiving.

Data Backups For Free

Frequent data backups are a must for any self-respecting shared hosting providers, while some don’t get it, InMotion takes their backups very seriously. Backups are very important especially when it comes to servers going down or you mistakenly deleting relevant files or even your website or in cases of security breaches. Such situations are usually beyond most organisation’s control and when they happen a good data backups saves the situation in a great way.

What makes InMotion backups very special is the fact that those backups come at no charge, they are absolutely free and are run every 24-36 hours. However, in the event that you need the backups after a situation happens, you will be charged a small fee to retrieve. The best way is having your own backups, but if you have no time to do so, then these free backups will be your great safety net in your time of need.

The Other Freebies

InMotion Hosting has lots of freebies which will make a great difference in your hosting experience. You will get all the essential apps such as one click installation for over 310 platforms (installing CMS is done with one click), a lot of ad credits and a lot more. 

InMotion Hosting Review – The Hosting Packages

InMotion offers various hosting plans including dedicated servers and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. Every one of their plans usually has specific requirements which enables businesses to adequately choose the one that is convenient for them. However, it important to keep in mind that they also offer business hosting plans with unlimited domain support (where you can host as many domains as possible), disk space and bandwidth. 

There are several closely matched upgrade options which can be very convenient when your site starts to gain a lot of traffic and ends up needed a more developer oriented solution such as Managed Hosting, dedicated server or virtual private server to adequately deliver a seamless hosting experience. The advantage with this format is that you get to spend money only on what you need at that time and able to increase capacity as you grow. So unlike many other hosting providers who have a much wider gap in their hosting specifications meaning that there is a significant price increase between hosting plans, InMotion has a much narrower gaps and a wide variety of upgrades so you don't get to spend on very large specifications even when you don't need it.

The Price Factor

InMotion hosting company has actually made great effort to provide the best hosting services. There are a few hosting companies that are slightly cheaper since their hosting plan starts at $5.99 (get a 50% discount through this link) however, from my experience, you can bet you would be 110% satisfied and receive top value for all your money and in case you are not satisfied or impressed, there is always the money back guarantee option which enables you to experience the services for 90-days which is the longest money-back guarantee in the industry but their higher plans are really affordable not to compare the level of efficiency you will receive.

App Installation

InMotion has plenty of useful apps available which they offer to customers. These apps come with quick installers to prevent clients from getting frustrated by the process of manually installing them. Their customer support can still come in handy when such a situation arises, they will provide you with a more easier way and guide you through the successful installation of the app of your choice if you need any help.

Other services

InMotion hosting also goes beyond just hosting services and offers a wider range of other great quality and much-needed services, such as cool web design services. Some people might complain about finding them advertised on the Account Management Panel, but such advertising does not in any way affect the quality of the hosting service. 

The Final Verdict

If you are looking for a reliable web hosting company with an actual 99.99% uptime, speedy rendering of your pages and great customer service, then you are better off with InMotion Hosting's rock-solid services in these regards. 

Many hosting companies try to please their customers by charging small hosting fees but in the end they offer mediocre services with plenty of downtimes and slow page loading time. This can be very frustrating at the end both for the business owner who should be maximizing their growth potentials and even the site visitors are not let out as the leave your website with a negative experience. The bottomline is that, success begins with a good hosting company which will provide almost 100% up-time for all the visitors.

There are usually no coupons but there are promotions which come about frequently that customers can take advantage of and get lower prices for instance, there is currently a limited time offer of 50% off the hosting plan which ends soon. However, let price not be the deciding factor for your choice of hosting service.

The Best Of Them All

InMotion hosting company is actually one of the very best in the market and customer satisfaction is their top priority as they have continuously proven. Since I joined them, I have experienced nothing but the highest quality of hosting performance and many other customers who have used them will confirm and in my humble opinion, it is one company that creates lifetime relationships with its customers because of the continued provision of excellent services.

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Thank you for reading.


There’s a reason why iPage is literally one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world today. The reason is simple – it has done what very few other companies offering the same service has managed to do. It has stood the test of time.

Very few web hosting companies have actually managed to stay relevant as iPage has and that’s saying something when you think about how many of them are actually out there.

Host your blog with iPage today for only $1.99 and get a free domain name

iPage was founded in Boston Massachusetts in 1998 and the company currently offers one of the cheapest domain registration and web hosting services in the market today.

Their platform currently hosts over one million websites and two million domain names in the world today.

iPage is owned by EIG (Endurance International Group) which also hosts BlueHost, Fatcow, HostMonster and many more. So it is safe to say, iPage is in good company.

Pretty impressive, right?

You would think so – that is until you see all the other services iPage provides; then you’d realize ‘impressive’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Table of Contents

What iPage Has to Offer

How iPage Compare to Other Webhosting Companies

Pros And Cons

Customer Reviews


What iPage Has To Offer


There are a few reasons for iPage’s success but one stands to out more than other – its affordability (read more below).

Other reasons why iPage has succeeded where other webhosting services have failed include:

  1. Wide array of tools and services
  2. Easy Site Builder
  3. Site Marketing Services
  4. Free Domain
  5. Online Store For Your Website
  6. Reliability and Support
  7. Speed
  8. Uptime
  9. Security

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How iPage Compares To Other Webhosting Services

Here’s the thing, almost every other webhosting service you come across offers pretty much the same package: 24/7 supports, free domain, unlimited hosting, webmail and the likes.

Here another thing, very few actually deliver on this.

The fact that affordability has been mentioned a few times cannot be stated enough because while iPage is definitely not the cheapest package out there; it is actually the cheapest package with the kind of quality of service it provides.

You understand what I mean?

I’ve come to find that most of the packages cheaper than this, offer less quality in services.

Considering the amount of websites and domain it is hosting, as well its uptime – the ability to keep up with reliability and service quality at such a cheap package is no small feat and as such, should not be ignored.

Pros And Cons

Money Back Guarantee (Pro)

I bet you thought the first pro was going to be ‘affordability’…well, I’m getting to that.

Many web hosting companies actually offer moneyback policies, but very few actually come through on it.

They rely on loopholes in their fine print to avoid refunding. However, iPage is actually noted for its ability to deliver on this.

If you find yourself unsatisfied with their services, for whatever reason, your money will be refunded.

Round The Clock Support (Pro)

Their customer service support team is always available to answer your questions at literally anytime.

The techs provide step by step support for any kind of problem you’d encounter.

Yes, mistakes happen because no web hosting service is a 100 percent perfect. However what matters is ‘recovery’ time; and this where their tech guys deliver daily within a reasonable amount of time.


Affordability (Pro)

Webhosting Charges can range anywhere from $3 to $50 a month. However, with iPage –they offer quality services at $1.99 monthly.

I won’t lie, this was what got me turned on to the service in the first place.

In this economy?

Thankfully, they delivered quality as well as ease of use with their cost effectiveness.

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Uptime and Speed (Maybe Con)

The thing about iPage’s uptime, I’ve noticed is that while majority of its users are impressed with it – there’s a select few that are not impressed it.

Many seem to not have an issue with the company’s uptime, infact they have glowing reviews about it.

While the others seem to sit on the polar opposite end, but it is important to note that the number of these people are significantly lower from the number of those who are for it.

What is more important here is that there is round the clock support to provide speedy solutions for those who have issues with the uptime and speed.


Security (Pro)

Regardless of the hosting plans you choose with iPage, they all come with SiteLock security which protects against malware and security breaches.

However, depending on the plan you chose, you can either be only notified in case of malware or notified and have the malware eliminated for you.

A firewall is also in place to prevent security hacks and leaks.

Daily backups are also done across all their websites to prevent any significant loss of content, just incase.


Inbuilt Services

As mentioned earlier – a free domain, an online store, site marketing and promotion (at a fee), variety of plug ins, easy site builder are some of the services that come in with choosing iPage.

It also comes with a free 1GB  cloud storage on JustCloud (a service from their parent company, EIG)

They also offer a File Manager tool that is easy to use and enable the user with uploading and downloading files, as well as creating files from scratch and editing existing ones.

iPage’s Mojo Marketplace is connected to the sites 1-Click Installer. The marketplace offers free themes, graphics, logos, plugins and a variety of add-ons.

Best of all, Mojo Marketplace is easy to navigate and the 1-Click Navigator is easy to use.

A $100 Adwords Vouchers is also available to enable you advertise your website immediately.

For more information on how to set up your iPage website…maybe you should watch this:

Customer Reviews

  • Liz Kukulka from

I have been an iPage customer for 8 years, I picked them because of their extensive list of products and their availability of help! I have not been disappointed! In fact they have exceeded my expectations on both fronts, they continually bring new products to the control panel, many are free some are fee based. Having the products in one location rather than on different sites really makes my work flow much easier and time efficient.

iPage support is second to none, I am not an expert at Web design and I have had many questions, iPage support answers in a timely manner, has capable friendly staff and always takes the time to help me understand the solution!

iPage is perfect for novice to experienced, I recommend them for your web page hosting and design.


  • Derek Lee from

iPage is one of the most affordable web hosting packages that you can see online today. It is a shared hosting service geared towards startups or those wanting to have their own personal web space (apart from their Facebook page).

iPage also receives excellent feedbacks from its users and scores high ratings from thousands of customers. Its wide array of features include unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name registration and transfer for the first year, one-click web applications installer, an integrated web server, and tons of scripts and other applications you can add on your site with just a few clicks


If you’re looking for a free domain provider and web hosting company, iPage is it.

A company that has been around for over decade is only around for one reason – the quality of the services it provides. Not just in web hosting but across all services fields (you can look it up).

With thousands of glowing testimonials, 24/7 customer care and security, options for an online store and site marketing and promotion if you require – for a reasonable fee of course – what could be better than what iPage is offering, at the price it is offering it?

I honestly can’t think of anything better, can  you?

Host your blog with iPage today and receive a huge discount and a free domain name

Strikingly is a website builder best for those looking to setup a gorgeous, clean and clutter-free, modern website without any coding skills, it is one of the easiest and simplest tools on the web to launch a website in minutes. Although it offers an option for a single & multiple page styles, it's strengths are in its single page designs.

A Single Page website aims to provide the minimum amount of information for users to make a decision and act upon. These websites aim to remove as much “confusion” as possible, focusing the user’s attention to the most important content.

For a regular multiple page website, with full blogging options, a large web-store and a site with lots of content, you might want to try other options such as WordPress or Shopify (which are a little more complex). If what you are looking for is a gorgeous, single page, mobile-friendly website you can make easily and quickly in a simple and stylish manner, then you'll want to check out Strikingly

Strikingly also supports website owners globally and in different languages

Try Strikingly With a Risk-Free 14-Day Free Trial

Table of Contents:

User Experience

StrikinglyEasy To Use:

I’ve got to say, the user experience with Strikingly is one of the best available today. Right from the start page, there is a three-step signup (First Name, Email & Create Password) form to get new users building their websites immediately.

However, if the signup process isn’t your preferred option, then you can complete the process by linking your social media (Facebook or Linkedin) account, and in a few clicks, you are in! You do not even need to have any coding or design experience whatsoever; you can click on anything to edit, and publish instantly.

Navigation & Setup:

StrikinglyThe site is very clean (few words) and straight to the point, it’s almost easier than creating a Facebook Page. On the start-up page, you are given a number of template options based on your personal or business category, which saves you the time of trying out multiple template options. Your website is built by simply adding sections (which are customizable to an extent); using an engaging editor that makes the process of web creation fun.

Templates come with a number of unique sections and the only way to find out which has exactly what you need is by trial. Previously, changes made on your site are lost when templates are switched, but The new version of Strikingly comes with the Template Switcher feature that lets you try different templates without losing the work you have already put into your site.


Custom Domain:

With the “Limited” and “Pro” package, a custom domain option is available, you can register a new domain name or use one you already own. Unfortunately, this option is not available with the Free plan.


StrikinglyConsidering the fact that Strikingly was not built as a blog creation website, it handles this pretty well. The blog section appears on a separate page and the design of your blog is slightly different depending on your template choice. On the downside, when it comes to posting a blog, you can save drafts but you can't set a post to publish at specified date and time the way you can with other options (Squarespace and Wix).


You can set up a quick ecommerce section, but the process has been made so simple and easy that it comes with some flaws. There are no product categories and the email notification your customers receive after a purchase cannot be customised.

Apart from the above flaws, it gets the job done. It provides the platform to sell your products/services, links your account to various payment options such as Paypal, and provides a section for shipping details. strikingly-ecommerceFurthermore, this service is only suitable for small businesses, as you can only sell one product on the Free plan, up to 5 on the Limited plan and up to 100 products on the Pro plan.

Cross-platform ready: PC, Mobile, Tablet:

Strikingly offers a seamless transition from web to Mobile, as well as tablet view, there is also a mobile app available on the Apple and Android store to allow users edit and build their site directly from their phones.

Social Sharing Integration:

Strikingly allows you to have a Social Feed on your website. Add your social media accounts, and you can also write preferred tweets for people to share your blog posts and content.

Site Stats:

StrikinglyThe Setting window has an option that navigates to your unique site views, it also shows you the country where your traffic has been originated from. For a more advanced analytical report, it's pretty easy to add a Google Analytics tracking number to each page on the Settings/Services panel, if you're after more detailed user profiling.


StrikinglyStrikingly offers 12 business templates, 6 startup templates, 8 personal templates including a one-click website (creating a personal website using your LinkedIn details), 4 portfolio templates, 3 blog templates, and 4 store template options.

Client Support System

The client support system on Strikingly is also very responsive (when I send a message to the “happiness” team, I get feedback in less than 15mins). There is a question mark sign at the bottom right of the screen, which when clicked brings up a pop-up chat option to send your message to someone in the happiness team; who will get back to you via email.

StrikinglyYou could also have someone in the happiness team help you build a more comprehensive site design, customized specifically to your needs. If you would rather prefer a do it myself option, then Strikingly has an extensive help and FAQ section, with over a dozen categories on everything from mobile features to eCommerce.


StrikinglyStrikingly comes with a highly competitive subscription plans has, it currently offers 3 plans you can subscribe to, each one catering to different budgets and needs.

Free Plan:

This option gives you a lifetime free service, but you don’t get a custom domain, it is also restricted to one product per site.

Limited ($8/month):

With this option, you can connect a custom domain and have a simple store with up to five products per site (with 2 limited sites). Depending on which payment method you chose, you can also get a free domain and email for one or two years. It also offers 50GB monthly bandwidth

  Try the Limited Plan With a Risk-Free 14-Day Free Trial

Pro ($16/month):

For just $16, the pro option gives you everything you get with the limited plan and a lot more. This option comes with 3 pro sites, more products, and multiple pages, custom domain, unlimited bandwidth and Free domain with yearly plan. You even get to invite collaborators to individually update and make changes to the site. Furthermore, all plans come with a 14-day trial, which gives you the option to preview what each plan has to offer before committing to a subscription.

  Try the Pro Plan With a Risk-Free 14-Day Free Trial

You could also save up some bucks by taking advantage of its referral packages; you can get up to 12 months of free services with every new subscriber you get.

In conclusion, when looking for the best website builder, Strikingly is above the rest when it comes to simplicity and getting the work done.

  Sign Up Here and Get $48 off the yearly Plan

If you want to take advantage of the favorable rates that Godaddy is known for, then you should consider transferring your domain from your old registrar to them. The process will take around 5-7 days. The results of your Godaddy domain transfer though, will depend on how you prepared and did the actual transfer. You should therefore ensure that you get these processes right.

Preparing Your Domain for the Transfer

The Whois database needs to have your administrative contact details. These details will be used to provide you with the transfer information from both registrars. You must therefore confirm that the administrative contact has a valid email address. If your private registration service has hidden such details, you must cancel that service.

You need to ensure that your domain is available for transfer at your old registrar by unlocking it. After that, you should get your authorization code (EPP code/Transfer key). This will be displayed on your account or emailed to the valid email address you confirmed.

If your domain name has private registration, a service that hides your personal information from the public, you cannot verify your admin email address in the Whois database. You must contact your current registrar to cancel the private registration, and then you can update the email address, if necessary.

The Transfer Process

If you do not have a Godaddy account, you should create one. to set up one, visit Godaddy here. After that, you need to log in, and then place the transfer order. You will be prompted to input the domain name to be transferred, after, which you should go to the checkout section. You will need to confirm your credit card details, accept the terms and conditions, place the order for the transfer and wait for the Godaddy mail on your admin email address.

The transactional IDs you receive will be used for the transfer process. You can the log back into your Godaddy account, use the IDs to launch your domains, by authorizing the pending transfers. You will also be required to use the EPP code, confirm the transfer process, then sit back and wait for the completion.

Benefits of Godaddy Domain Transfer

Transferring of domains is not something that most people like. However, there are certain advantages of selecting a Godaddy domain transfer as opposed to another registrar option. Some of these benefits are listed below.

· Godaddy is one of the best domain registrars available today. This means that you can take advantages of the services offered by the registrar when you transfer your domain there. These affordable services have stood the test of time. Your site will therefore get the benefit of a stable host.

· The transfer process does not cost much. In fact, the fees charged are some of the most fairly priced as far as domain transfer is concerned.

· At various stages of the domain transfer to Godaddy, you will get prompts to enable you to halt the process if you have changed your mind. This ensures that you have flexibility to halt the process until you can be more confident that your new registrar Godaddy is the best choice for you.

· If you do not have a valid email address for the administrative contact, it means that you cannot access the security and transaction IDs or codes. This kind of limitations may seem fussy, but they ensure that unauthorized parties cannot transfer your domain without your permission.

Evidently, the process of Godaddy domain transfer will take quite a bit of time. However, it is quite simple and very secure, which means that the process may be a good option for your needs.


GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting companies in the world. It offers business a wide variety of cheap hosting for websites. This is a privately owned company that specializes in domain registration, web hosting in addition to services related to e-business software, applications among other web services. This GoDaddy hosting review takes a look at the pros, cons, history and features of some of their popular packages. Keep reading.

Brief History of Go Daddy

The company was founded in 1997 under the name Jomax Technologies. The company founder is one Bob Parsons, who apparently sold another company which was specializing in financial software. Parsons founded this company while in his retirement years.

Why the name GoDaddy?

The company was initially named Jomax Technologies, but then as time went by, some employees found the need to change the name. One of them decided to change the name to “Big Daddy” but unfortunately, that name was already taken by another company. But then, Parsons (the founder) just suggested “Go Daddy” and that is how the company got its relatively funny name.

Biggest hosting company in the world

According to a report presented by the company in 2013, GoDaddy, had accumulated a whopping 55 million domain names under its cabinet. Right now this figure is estimated to have hit 57+ million accounts. This, as you can see, makes them the largest webhosting company in the world. But how good is their hosting?

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How good is GoDaddy hosting?

This company offers a wide variety of features for blogging, database and email packages just to name a few. Most of their packages are available on a monthly subscription basis with charges as low as $3.49 per month.

GoDaddy, would be a perfect bet for beginners as most of their services are packaged under an intuitive user interface. Moreover, it offers a platform for advanced developers to put their skills to good use. GoDaddy hosting service is capable of supporting several programming languages from PHP, Perl, MySQL, ASP to ColdFusion and CGI (Python and Ruby languages).

Although there are those who argue that GoDaddy is overrated, a vast majority seem to laud their services. Indeed, they are a worthy competitor in the industry and their reputation, so far, is beyond reproach especially when it comes to domain names.


Wide variety of hosting options

The beauty of GoDaddy is that it offers you the flexibility you need at any point of the journey. For instance, you can start out with shared hosting and then switch (by paying a little more) for extra flexibility through dedicated hosting options. There is also the option of cloud hosting which is much cheaper yet it offers admirable flexibility.

Moreover, the company offers reseller hosting option, which is a good thing for anyone who would like to venture into web hosting business. Your options are wide with this hosting package and you can be rest assured to find the right hosting plan that suits your unique needs.

GoDaddy's money back guarantee

To ensure that you get a good value for your money, the company goes against the industry-norm to offer a money-back guarantee package that lasts for as long as you are hosting with them. Note that most other companies out there only offer a 30-day money back guarantee (which is largely inadequate). Any time you are dissatisfied with their services, you can cancel the deal and receive compensation. Of course, this is proof that GoDaddy is always ready to stand behind its quality services.

Freedom to design a website with free tools

The icing on the cake when using GoDaddy hosting is that you have the freedom to design your ideal website even if you don’t have the expertise of a web designer. They provide a feel website builder tool and a couple of templates that you can capitalize on to create a professional website using basic computer user skills. You may want to pay an extra fee, so the company’s web designers can customize your site to suit your brand. These wonderful packages come with 30 minutes of monthly updates to the design of your site.

Free goodies; Paid ads

If you would like to draw extra attention toward your site, you can take advantage of GoDaddy’s free advertising credit. The company normally gives $100 worth of Google Adwords credit when you open an account with them. Aside from that, they usually give an extra $50 which you can spend on Facebook ads and/or Bing ads. Of course, this is a nice bonus that you can take advantage of to grow your business.

Is Go Daddy Hosting Reliable?

Yes. Go Daddy have always tried their best to remain ahead of the pack. They have a state of the art data center which works round the clock to ensure 99.9% uptime. With such a deal, you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that indeed your site is visible to the world at any time of the day. Another feature that adds to the reliability of this hosting package is the availability of firewalls, servers and other security measures. Moreover, they provide specialized physical security settings to ensure seamless connectivity to your website. If one were to make a decision, solely based on this aspect, GoDaddy would definitely rank several rungs above its worthy competitors.

Their Pricing plan

GoDaddy offers three separate hosting packages. The Economy package currently costs $3.49 and is good enough for hosting a single website. This package comes with 100 GB of storage capacity. The next package is the Deluxe option which currently costs $4.49. The Deluxe package allows you to host unlimited websites. Moreover, it offers unlimited storage. The biggest and most expensive package offered under Go Daddy’s menu is the “Ultimate Package”. This one goes for $7.49 per month. With the ultimate hosting package, you can host unlimited websites and enjoy unlimited storage. In short, you get all the benefits of Deluxe package in addition to Premium DNS and one year of SSL certificate (with some restrictions though).

Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

A few months ago, GoDaddy launched WordPress hosting – a service which was touted to be the fastest and most secure hosting platform on the market. So, what are the highlights of this deal?

-The beauty of Managed WordPress Hosting

*The service gets WordPress installed by default, so one can start blogging without spending much time in the installation of the software. Plus there is an easy-to-use 1-click migration tool that automates the process of transferring websites from other providers.

*Round the clock technical support is yet another feature to makes this hosting package quite attractive. In GoDaddy’s offices, there are thousands of experienced customer service professionals who are always on stand-by to help. You can reach the support team via a toll-free phone line or by email.

-The Bad Side of Managed WordPress Hosting

Small qualms with the otherwise perfect package would be that a Live Chart support feature is not provided – this is however compensated for by a toll-free phone line and prompt email responses. Other than that, this newly launched service seems to have hit the ground running as millions are already using it.

How is Go Daddy’s Control Panel?

Unlike other hosting companies that use third-party control panel programs such as Helm, Plesk and cPanel, Go Daddy has created its own proprietary software to serve this role. This unique control panel aims to simplify the task of managing your account. Moreover, it offers expansive functionality – allows you to set up email accounts, monitor resource usage and manage domains. There are two versions of c-panels provided by this company as follows:

cPanel for Linux

Allows access to hosting features and settings, keeps your site online with balanced CPU, RAM and Disk IO limits. Allows you to install over 150 applications on your website through a simple click of the mouse button. It is worth noting that GoDaddy’s Linux accounts use MySQL database.

cPanel for Windows

GoDaddy’s windows plan enables you to manage your server and email accounts with remarkable ease. Comes with Microsoft’s latest server OS and allows you to install over 70 applications on your site. GoDaddy’s windows c-panel is designed to use SQL servers.

Leads the pack with latest technology

Frankly speaking, GoDaddy’s hosting technology is in a class of its own. The company has solutions for Apple’s Mac, Microsoft’s Windows and Linux OS. Technically, this means that GoDaddy is built to support MySQL, MS SRL, Postgre SQL, ASP, PHP, .NET Framework, to mention but a few. The company is constantly upping its game by adding experienced developers and webmasters to its fold.

Over 300 Godaddy Themes

GoDaddy provides over 300 themes, all of which are pre-designed with content for ease of use. You don’t have to be a pro to get the most out of these – all you need to do is replace the provided (generic) content with your customized details. You also have the freedom to adjust the layout and appearance of different buttons provided with each theme. Plus you can drag contents around or even add new pages – put simply; operating a GoDaddy account is a breeze!

Ability to save multiple versions of your website

It is always good to backup copies of your website – and GoDaddy has a feature that helps you to do exactly that. They have a restore and backup function that enables you to save multiple versions of your website. With this superb addition, you can rest assured to restore your site to a previous version even if you happen to make a mistake while trying out new things. This is a very good addition – and you know what? It is missing from most other website builder tools.

The bad side of Go Daddy Hosting

The main demerit that we noticed in the course of compiling this Hosting review is the lack of a live chat support tool. Those from overseas might find it difficult to use the toll-free phone call service.

Other downsides would be that GoDaddy doesn’t offer SSH/SFTP access which is quite important for secure data communication.

Another con would be linked to their Control Panel – which despite being quite effective in its job – is far from being categorized as the best in the market.

Although their hosting prices are pretty cheap and very affordable compared to many, their fees for add-on features are not as lovely, although generally within the market range – especially for small businesses which are working hard to venture into a competitive world.

Who can Benefit From Using GoDaddy Hosting?

Based on our GoDaddy hosting review, this service is suitable for absolutely anybody – from beginners to pros. They give you a wide variety of packages ensuring that you can find something that suits your unique needs. Besides that, GoDaddy is a big company with an outstanding reputation; you can’t go wrong with investing in their services. Categories of people who can benefit from using this hosting package comprises of the following:


*Small businesses

*E-commerce platforms

*Organizations (non-profit and for-profit)

*Professional firms (accountants, lawyers, auditors and consultancy firms can benefit a lot)

One sector in which GoDaddy is king is reliability. It’s a well established company with the right kind of environment for hosting millions if not billions of websites. The same goes for their servers and routers.

While some features can bet a bit pricey, overall, one can see that their prices are pretty competitive. For easier comparison, here now is a comprehensive list of GoDaddy’s pros and cons in bullet points.

*Intuitive user interface (tools can easily be dragged, dropped or even replaced)

*Reliability – the company has been in the market for almost 20 years now

*Ability to back-up copies of your website for future use

*Round the clock customer support

*Wide variety of themes available

*Their website builder allows you to optimize all basic SEO functions of your website


*Missing live chat option

*The economy package only allows you to host one site

*Some add-on features are pretty expensive


It is clear that the pros of GoDaddy heavily outweigh its cons. This is proof that this is a good deal which is worth your time, money and energy. GoDaddy adds their own WordPress plugin to your installation. They have a setup tool that you can create simple pages like the “about us” and the “contact” page. If you’ve never tried anything like that before, or you're looking for a quick and uncomplicated way to get your site up and running, then, GoDaddy hosting will be a good choice for you.

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Web hosting has over the years transformed as the use of the Internet became more and more common. The world has become a global community where people are constantly communicating and sharing as well as doing business online. The constant demand of online businesses has led to creation of more websites that have borne the need to host them. Millions of websites exists with thousands coming up daily as young and vibrant individuals become more techie and creative in a rather dynamic world. There exist many services that involve web hosting. As new websites are created, it needs to get publicity hence marketing it and putting it out there to the people is necessary. Web hosting may be through sharing, which is usually inexpensive with a few possibilities and can easily be specialised. The choice of the domain name as one creates a website is dependent on the webhosting site, and the cost involved. A number of webhosting companies have made great strides to try to provide their services cheaply and affordably. Many websites coming up have many uses and some are not for commercial purposes; hence, there is a need in creating services that are all inclusive and where customers can get value for money.

Webhosting sites have reduced the cost of their services. Coupons have been one of the best marketing techniques as it achieves both consumers and webhosting site's objectives. Most of the webhosting sites have adopted coupons as the preferred method of advertising and getting many websites to be hosted with their domains. Coupons provide an inexpensive way to host your website and get value for your money. This has enabled the sites to attract more and more websites. Some websites are the sources of employment as owners are entrepreneurs who are targeting to market and make money online. Some websites are non profit making like NGOs and those belonging to governments hence it is attractive for such users. Coupons come in discounts that ranges from monthly plans that are quite affordable and other cheaper rates for a certain volume of work done and the purpose of the website.

Coupon codes allow you to save up to 99.9% of the webhosting purchase. There are some offers that allow one to purchase web hosting packages for as low as 0.01% of the total amount. It is an offer that cannot be ignored where one can make huge value proposition with as little as they have. Here are some of the best webhosting coupons to grab in the online market:

GoDaddy offers 50% off on all the Shared Hosting Packages: it is the largest domain name registrar and web hosting site. 50% of the value is decreased hence this reduces the cost. Although the primary focus of Godaddy is domain name sales, the company also offer hosting as an optional extra. Godaddy has been in existence for over 15 years, employs more than 3,000 people and uses data centres in the USA, Europe and India. Go Daddy is a world leader for domains at very low prices, and with 53 million domain names under management, the company’s probably one of the most well-known brands in the business.

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ResellerClub offers 30% off on Shared Hosting Packages: it powers more than five million domains with over sixteen years experience. The services target specialized products with coupon codes up to 30% of slashed value. It is also offering VPS for just $5 in the first month.

Hostgator offers 25% off on all Shared Hosting Packages: the Houston based company has had tremendous success with twelve years experience and operations in over two hundred countries. Its services are VPS, shared hosting, dedicated serves and reseller hosting. It is affordable, efficient and reliable and quite respected among web developers. Coupon codes are valued at 25% discount.

Arvixe offers 20% off all Shared Hosting Packages: the company has operated for eleven years and proved to be one of the fastest-growing in this Internet business. Some of its services include: VPS, shared hosting, dedicated serves and reseller hosting. Coupon codes are valued at 20% discount, a great value for money.

Bluehost offers 50% off on VPS Hosting Packages on first month: as one of the oldest in this space, it offers services like VPS, shared hosting, dedicated servers and reseller hosting. Coupon codes are 50% of the value.

The value created by coupon codes is amazing and quite attractive for all businesses with online presence. Some of the webhosts like Bluehost have a trial site where one can host their website for 30 days at one cent. If you are one of those individuals still wondering which offer gives you the maximum value, you can pick any of these webhosting companies and enjoy the unlimited services they offer at great price.


If you are thinking of a way of making your website more secure and more trusted, then this Godaddy SSL Certificates review would shed more light on what is on offer as I share my experience with this provider. SSL (secure-socket layer) certificates are used by various websites to add an extra layer of  protection and confidentiality which usually comes in the form of encrypted forms of communication between a customer and the website. It is worthy of mention that the use of SSL certificate is fast becoming more and more important for some obvious reasons: not only does it ensure the safety of your website’s visitors, but it has been revealed as one of the factors considered in Search Engine Rankings.

You should consider adding an SSL certificate to reassure visitors to your website because it is a signal that assures your audience with these unseen words: “relax, your details are in safe hands”; gone are the days when you only have to be handling online transactions on your website to be able to find the need for SSL certificates.

Godaddy is one of the SSL certificate authorities that is also involved in the sale of domain names, web hosting among other web services. It is a reputable company that has offered great services for many years. They offer a wide variety of reliable and easy to use SSL certificates. Some of those available include the Standard UC certificate and the standard SSL wildcard among others.

Godaddy SSL Certificate Reviews

There are a number of companies that offer SSL certificates and as such, this Godaddy SSL Certificate review is provided to help you make a sound decision on these services.

GoDaddy SSL Certificates are a simple and (as usual with most Godaddy products and services) very cost-effective way of protecting user's confidential information like credit card numbers, passwords and login details that are submitted to your website. With this, your customers will buy with confidence when they know that whatever information they submit on any of your website's secure page is protected and this is in addition to the fact that adding an SSL (HTTPS) to your website has been proven to help increase your search engine rankings on Google.

Godaddy SSL Certificate Review – Plan Features

All of Godaddy SSL certificate plans on offer have all the features listed below and are backed by a team of dedicated security personnel who monitor and look after the security of your website 24/7

  • Privacy of payments & customer data
  • All major browser cross-compatibility
  • Rapid site security
  • Supports strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption
  • Up to $1,000,000 in liability protection offered
  • One certificate covers unlimited servers
  • 24/7 free award-winning customer support
  • Simple one-click installation for GoDaddy hosted accounts
  • Increase in search engine rankings (Google gives higher rankings to sites secured with SSL)

Certificates provided buy Godaddy contains a number of features and characteristics that will make you attracted to it which you would not find elsewhere such as:


Godaddy SSL Certificate Reviews and Testimonials

A number of Godaddy SSL customers have also shared their thoughts regarding using SSL certificates from Godaddy some of which are highlighted below:

Customer Support: When it comes to the provision of great support and value, Godaddy as a company comprises of an impressive group of people to work with who offer excellent services. They are patient, knowledgeable, pleasant and willing to wait with you until the job is completed. 

Availability of an easy interface: The easy interface makes it possible to do everything by yourself. This is made easy by a website that is simple to navigate. Although it is a bit confusing to work with in the beginning, it is easy enough after you have been able to figure it out. 

Ultra Fast issuance speed: There is a very minimal time between ordering for a Godaddy SSL certificate and when you are able to start using the relevant operations which is usually immediately in most cases but in general, it takes less than an hour. As such, the certificates are provided immediately after the domain has been verified. 

Easy and simple steps to work with: You can complete most of the steps on your own after the certificate has been provided. This you can do by including a small domain file to host the SSL file on your web hosting server.

Great value offered out of what you get: With Godaddy SSL Certificate, you can be rest assured that you would get what you are looking for. Another thing to take note of is that you can chose to protect Protect One Website, multiple or all websites and the services becomes frastically cheaper if you chose to protect multiple or all websites.

Why you should choose Godaddy SSL Certificate

From my experience, it is very clear that the Godaddy SSL Certificate is indeed one of the best in the market. The company makes a lot of efforts to ensure that they provide high quality services that meet the needs of their customers. 

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The year is promising to be a good one for new webmasters who hope to register their domain names. This is because the many domain name registrars have announced coupons that promise to cut down the cost of registering domain names by some great percentages. If you are starting a new website or blog, then you can take advantage of the coupons to get the best web hosting services at the best ever prices. Most popular domain name registrars are offering coupons for discount that run into large percentages. You need to know which websites for domain names offer the best deals. However, you cannot just choose any of these websites because they have great offers. You have to match the services they offer with your needs. It is better you get average discount with great services than to get a very good deal with bogus services.

In this article, you will learn some of the tricks you can use to get the best coupons this year. Later on, we will look into some of the best coupons so far and which are offered by which websites.

Everything You Must Know about Domain Coupons 

Understanding how the coupons work

I may be wrong but I believe that many people do not understand how coupons work. There are two types of coupons: store and industry (manufacturer’s) coupons. In our case, the domain coupons can be categorised as the manufacturer coupons offered by the websites for domain names.

Here, you will be required to open an account with the websites in order to get the coupon codes. The coupon codes contain the percentage of discount, which you will get when you purchase the domain name from the particular website making the offers.

Compare the coupons

If you are learning about new domain coupons for the first time, then you should take your time to research more about them. You can visit the official websites of these domain registrars and get more information about the coupon codes. Understand each individual codes because there are different offers for different domain needs.

Take time and compare the offers but taking quality of services into consideration. Go only for the reputable companies with great offers. If there is something you do not understand about the coupon codes, you can go ahead and ask representatives or customer care personnel. They may be able to help you out.

Time is of the essence

As with the usual store or manufacturer coupons you know, the domain coupons are only valid for a specified or limited period of time. This means that you have to be keen at all times and watch out to ensure that none of the coupons leaves you out.

The best way to go about this is to create an account or sign up with your favourite websites for domain so that they can send you newsletters as well as notifications every time such offers are available. You can sign up one or two because once one announces their intention to release such offers, the others will follow suit due to the stiff competition between the major registrars.

The Website for Domain Names with the Best Coupons in 2014

Many popular and reputable websites have announced their July 2014 coupons codes. If you have a new website that you want to register a domain name for then you can take this opportunity to check out some the following websites:

Click here to get the best Godaddy domain coupons with guaranteed huge savings

HostGator, which offers 25 percent off your total expenditure on their services, is one of the most popular websites for registering domain names.

GoDaddy rewards its loyal customers with beautiful packages on their different domain names. You can visit their website and find out more about their coupons.


DreamHost also offers some great coupons and discounts on domain name registrations, hosting as well as other disc space, bandwidth and many more.

Namecheap has announced 20 percent on the shared plan as well as other beautiful offers for other aspects of domain registration. coupons are also quite attractive and you will be able to find the best deal that fits your particular needs.

There you have it. I hope the information above has given you some idea about domain coupons available for this month and year. Take advantage of these coupons to save and achieve your goals. Remember, some of these websites reward only their loyal customers, so try to pick one and stick with it.


If you are getting a headache owing to the slow pace of your website in terms of delivering its contents to the visitors, you need to take a close look at MaxCDN. You need a reliable, fast way of delivering content to your apps and websites and MaxCDN can be the right solutions for this issue. In this MaxCDN review we are going to dive into the most important features and benefits of this content delivery network right away.

MaxCDN – Overview

MaxCDN is just a CDN or content deliver network provider that will reduce the latency of content, which means that it will load faster than before using this digital platform. This content delivery network has many servers all around the world that will be used to deliver content quickly. The end-user will get a copy of the files that are closest to his location, so the time that the content will use to load will be reduced.

[button link=”” type=”big” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Find out More about MaxCDN[/button]

Who is MaxCDN created for?

MaxCDN has been created for home, office, and consumer users. The MaxCDN line is a rebranding of the CloudCache and HDDN product line since 2013.

Main Features and Benefits

Master Your Domains

You will be able to control and manage your domains easily with the help of the control panel that comes with MaxCDN. There are many interesting updates and statistics that you will be able to view about each one of your domains such as content zones, accounts, reports, percent of cache hit, bandwidth usage, and much more. The reports will show you file size distribution, top fifty files, status codes, hourly breakdown, and much more. Do you need actionable insights of your domains? MaxCDN will give you everything you need and much more. You will be able to read where your visitors come from and who they are among other things – the Log Viewer will provide you this sort of information.

Control How Your Content is Delivered

MaxCDN will allow you to control how your content will be delivered to your website or app. EdgeRules Recipes is the feature that will allow you to change the normal behaviour of CDN. You will be able to include any CORS header, force some HTTPS connections, hide any S3 header, and so forth. Having control of your visitors and digital assets in real time is an advantage that you will enjoy with EdgeRules, for you will be able to create caching rules that are exact defined. What is the result of all this? Bandwidth costs will be under your complete control when you define how the content of your app or website will be served. There is no need for you to have any background knowledge in order to unlock and define the right behaviour for your content.

Custom Results

If you need to get custom results, you can create your very own recipes and add up the simplicity and ease of use you want. You will be able to create security permissions, add or manipulate HTTP headers, deactivate or activate rules and much more.

Security at Its Best

Are you concerned about the security of your website or app? MaxCDN is the solution to this issue thanks to its advanced SSL support. You can even upload your own SSL or install one with just a click of button. MaxCDN handles all the security tasks from its servers, which means fast results and cost-effective solutions right away. The multiple options of a feature called Secure Token will allow you to lock down any sort of CDN content you own. Your links are also time dependent, which means that another layer of security is added to your already secure files. You will be able to set up parameters that will control the security features of your links: time and password. Any sort of content inside your app or website can be set up to expire at a certain point in time. You can even set up your own tokens by editing existing plugins on your own end; MaxCDN support many programming languages such as Ruby, Python and PHP.

More Integration

The MaxCDN's API will allow you to work smarter because you will be able to integrate zones, users and other important resources into any one of your applications. MaxCDN offers you a wealth of SDKs you can use to create your own panel of control so as to gain even more control over the management of your account. The API that comes with MaxCDN will allow you to set up a control panel for your resellers, access your row logs and manage cache, zones, and users. Do you want insights into some reporting sections that are pre-defined? MaxCDN will allow you to do just that, but the Log API access will make you go deeper. The Raw Logs API will allow you to build a lot of custom dashboards for you to display different sorts of data, create custom filters, automate complex reports, and much more. We also have to mention that the API comes with a full documentation, many use cases and useful samples for you to enjoy and take advantage of right away.



Know the Facts

The Analytics feature of MaxCDN will allow you to predict future visitors' behaviour and traffic spikes. You will be able to view any relevant data that has to do with statistics of your websites or apps from this dashboard. There will be detailed information about your traffic, possibility of filtering out unwanted data, and how to make your data work for you. The security reports will provide you information on security breaches, unusual behavior, access restrictions, and much more.

What We Like

Price and Ease of Use

MaxCDN comes at the right price and is very easy to set up. MaxCDN has support for SSL and is very easy to use thanks to its administration interfaces. You will be able to create a Pull Zone that will serve your items without having to upload them.

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Godsend for WordPress Users

WordPress users can use MaxCDN to get the content they want delivered the right way. These sort of users will get the high performance and availability they need. WordPress users want their sites load quickly, so they tend to use MaxCDN to get this job done. They know that MaxCDN creates copies of their files and put them into different server across the world. The end user will get the file that is closer to his location, which means that the speed of the site or app will increase. The ease of integration of MaxCDN is another important thing that WordPress users take into consideration. They will use either WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache, which are plugins that will allow them to integrate MaxCDN into their blogs.

Increased Speed and Top-notch Support

Your website or app will load faster because the files will be delivered from the location that is nearest to the end-user. MaxCDN has one of the most professional and capable support teams, and you will see the truth of this statement for yourself. The team knows its stuff, so there is nothing for you to worry about when it comes to customer service. You will avoid going crazy trying to get hold of a customer service representative here – no more bots or dealing with a staff that will tell you the same things over and over again.


Free Stuff

You will get two months completely free if you buy the annual subscription, which is an amazing gift you can take advantage of right away. MaxCDN also offers you a lot of coupons and discounts, and you will get more information on their website.

Make Money

You will be able to make some good money by promoting MaxCDN whenever and wherever you can. MaxCDN has a high conversion and click-through rate, so you will be safe when promoting this offer to your lists or other people's lists.

Excellent Reviews

Top dogs in the industry are giving MaxCDN excellent reviews, and you need to take this fact into consideration. WP Engine is a very respected website, and they are a partner of MaxCDN. The owner of WP Engine says that MaxCDN has made possible for them to serve files to large websites, which is something that has given them a competitive advantage.

Price and Performance

You will only have to pay $9 per 100GB each and every month, which is affordable for people who want to get the most out of their websites and apps in terms of performance. Do you want a leading solution for your content delivery needs? MaxCDN is the answer to this common yet important question. MaxCDN ranks high in performance tests made by many firms in this industry. When MaxCDN is active, users report an increase in loading speed. When we talk about low price, we mean that you will end up paying less money depending on the amount of bandwidth you use. The more bandwidth you use, the more money you will have to shell out.

[button link=”” type=”big” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] See Plans and Pricing[/button]

Money-Back Guarantee

MaxCDN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that you will have peace of mind. Suppose that you have some issues with the software, and you want a refund. MaxCDN will give you what you want right way, but you need to do this within 30 days. A money-back guarantee is great because you will tend to feel secure before buying any sort of product or service out there.

Speed Up Your App or Website

The main purpose of installing a software like MaxCDN is speeding up your app or website. You will be very proud of your virtual property when you install MaxCDN. Imagine what your visitors will think about the performance and speed of your website. They will congratulate the owner or owners of the website or app for having such a fast virtual property.

Excellent for vBulletin Sites

People owning vBulletin sites will be able to take full advantage of MaxCDN right away. They just have to create a pull zone, install vBSEO, and enter the URL of the CDN into the settings of the plug-in.

What We Do Not Like

MaxCDN comes with twelve global points of presence which is something small when compared to those of its competitors out there. But since most of the MaxCDN's users are located in America, they will not face problems of speed. The reason for this is that MaxCDN has a lot of servers in the United States, so they will be close to the location of their American customers. But the same affirmation is false for people living in Latin America, but since there are relatively few customers from this part of the world, the problems are not so high for most of MaxCDN's users. If you live in Latin America or Australia, you should consider a hosting with servers located in Europe or the United States in order for you to enjoy the speed that MaxCDN has in store for you. We also need to mention that the security measures of MaxCDN are not proactive, but you can solve this problem with its shared SSL which comes with a starter plan – you can even get your own SSL certificate at an extra cost. The content acceleration is basic, and you might not see some advanced features present in other CDNs out there.


MaxCDN can be everything you need to speed up your apps or websites. WordPress users will find MaxCDN especially convenient for them because they will be able to integrate it easily into many plug-ins. MaxCDN is sold at an affordable price and its costumer support team is second to none – which is something important for most users out there. This content delivery network comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that will provide you both peace of mind and security that your hard-earned money will be secure with the firm behind MaxCDN. The control panel will allow you to master each one of your domains in a simple, effective way. People who own vBulletin websites will be able to take full advantage of this content delivery network buying using a special plugin that is designed to give them what they want right away.

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Many people become confused when confronted to make a decision between the two most confusing web-hosting platforms: VPS vs dedicated hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and as the name sounds, you have your own copy of operating system and so you can install any software that is supported by the operating system (OS) operational on your server.

The dedicated hosting on the other hand means that you lease an entire server alone meaning that you will not share the server with any other person. Whatever you choose to install on the server as well as which operating system is completely your choice. Therefore, these two hosting platforms share some features that allow you to have full control of your server.

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Nevertheless, VPS vs dedicated hosting differ from each other in several other aspects. By understanding these differences, you will be able to tell the better of the two. This is why we have carried out some research on VPS hosting Vs dedicated Hosting and come up with a summary that will help you to have a better understanding of the two platforms and in extension help you to make the decision on which service to use for your website or blog.

Flexibility and Optimization of VPS vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Both VPS hosting and dedicated hosting share some level of flexibility of control and optimization. However, some differences make dedicated hosting a little bit better than the VPS hosting. With dedicated hosting, you get full control of the physical server as well as complete control of its resources.

With the VPS hosting, you will have control of the virtual machine allocated to you but it may also host several other websites thereby denying you complete control. In a nutshell, you are not sharing any resources with other customers when you are on a dedicated server and therefore you will have more computing power than you would with a VPS hosting which could also have other customers' websites hosted on the same physical server.

Customization and Control of VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

There is nothing as good as installing only the features that you need on your server. Luckily, both the dedicated server and the VPS make this possible and there are only negligible differences between the two hosting platforms in this regard. The slight differences, which can be appreciated, are in the operating system of which one operates on a virtual machine while the other operates on a physical machine.

Some VPS hosts may put some restrictions on the VPS account as to the number of domains you can host. You have to remember that these are service limitations and not technical incapability of the VPS to handle multiple domains. The restrictions may also depend on the kind of software you install on your server.

Scalability and Availability of Dedicated vs VPS Hosting

The strongest point for VPS hosting is scalability. In other words, it allows for easy movement from one server to another at any given time. This is very important since successful websites are expected to grow in terms of the number of visitors from just a few when it is started to thousands when it is up and running. Such level of scalability cannot be achieved by the dedicated servers.

When it comes to availability, the dedicated servers outdo the VPS. Because there may be other virtual environments hosted in the same server, there may be performance degradation during peak hours but most VPS providers will guarantee their customers some minimum uptime (of at least 99%) to cushion them from such down times.

Cost of Dedicated vs VPS Hosting Services

Perhaps this is where the largest difference is found between VPS hosting vs dedicated Hosting. The monthly cost of hosting with VPS servers is way cheaper than dedicated servers although the cost is dependent on the individual providers offering such services. For instance, some webhosts will charge as low as $15.95 monthly while the high end dedicated hosting services may attract as much as $999.99 monthly payment. Obviously,  such ridiculous amounts can only be paid by large websites that can utilize the full power of the dedicated servers. The best advise is: don't start with a dedicated server. It is always better to move your hosting through stages as you scale up. This would help you ensure that you are utilizing the full potentials of the server you are using before upgrading unless you have loads of cash to burn up but that would just be absolutely unnecessary.


I believe the discussion has given you some idea on the differences between VPS hosting vs dedicated Hosting. You can now make your decision based on the above-discussed facts and choose the hosting platform that fits your needs. All in all, the two hosting services are great and they will serve you well.



Finding a cheap and reliable web hosting for a website can be difficult, even a daunting task. This is because cheap web hosting is not always reliable and reliable web hosting is not always expensive. This means that you must find a way to strike a balance between affordability and reliability, which is not so easy. It requires a lot of research and careful scrutiny to come up with cheap yet reliable and dependable web hosting. If you have been developing a new website and operating on a tight budget, then this discussion may prove beneficial to you. Through thorough research, we have been able to identify and describe a few tips that will undoubtedly help make this important choice should you choose to employ them in your search.

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Tips For Finding the Best Reliable Web Hosting Services

Tips For Finding the Best Cheapest Reliable Web Hosting Services

Tip 1: Determine Your Budget

The very first thing that will help you arrive at the cheapest and reliable web hosting services is to determine your budget for the services. Having a prior knowledge of what you intend to spend for the hosting services will act as a guide as to where you should start and focus your research. It would be a waste of valuable time to begin your search with expensive services you would not be able to afford no matter how much you stretch your budget.

Tip 2: Know What You Are Looking For

The second step in choosing the cheapest yet reliable web hosting services is to know exactly what you are looking for. You can start by making a list of all the features you would want your website to possess. Among the considerations should be the amount of storage space you will need as well as the kind of database you require.

The other things you need to consider include the purpose or nature of your website. Is it a blog? interactive forum or online shopping car? This is because specific types of websites have specific requirements that may determine the overall cost of web hosting services. If you are a dummy in such issues then you should consult someone who has some idea for guidance.

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Tip 3: Carry Out Some Research

Equipped with your budget as well as the knowledge of your website requirements, you can now venture into researching commercial web hosting companies from your country or the world as a whole. The best thing about the research is that so many companies are currently offering web-hosting services even across the borders and the completion between such companies make the prices for the servers a lot more competitive.

Most of these companies have websites where they describe their services and offer free quotes on their services. Take your time and visit these websites. You need to be very keen as there are many companies out to swindle unsuspecting customers. If you know of other webmasters, then you can consult them about their hosts and see if their services would suit your needs.

Tip 4: Take Advantage of Offers

Just like all other businesses, hosting companies have offers on the prices of their services. It is not strange to hear that a reputable web hosting company has slashed their hosting prices by a certain percentage due to discounts, coupons or vouchers. If you take advantage of these offers, you can manage to get some high quality, reliable and effective web hosting at unbelievably cheap prices.

However, such offers are always available only for some limited period of time and most often pass unnoticed. If you are not in a hurry to get your website hosted and wishes to save some money then you can wait. The best way to go about it is to subscribe to newsletters or notifications from the reputable web hosting companies so that they can inform you of such offers.

Tip 5: Take One Step at a Time

Many web hosting companies will charge you according to the complexity of your website. This means that the more complex the requirement of your website, the higher will be the web hosting price. The best way to get the cheapest and reliable web hosting services is to start off little and then update with time. At the end of it all, you will realise your host is very reliable and yet you were not burdened while paying for the services.


I believe the above-discussed has given you some idea on how you can find a cheap and reliable web hosting services. If you follow them, you will be able to find web hosting services you have been hoping for and that will make your website perform optimally.